Welcome to the Team, Jonathan Levit!

We are thrilled to welcome our new Director of Production/Content Strategy, Jonathan Levit!


As you know, our team here at Revizzit is small, but MIGHTY! Every member brings amazing skills and talents that help this platform be the best digital publishing company for your business – and “JL”, as we like to call him (because we already had a Jonathan, and it got really awkward, fast), he is no exception to our stellar line up!

Just look at what a cool cat this guy is:

With over 25 years experience in the desktop publishing and graphic design industries, and as an Adobe Certified Expert AND an Adobe Certified Instructor in InDesign, Jonathan Levit is a highly sought after trainer and consultant.

His goal is to improve the production and creative process for companies and individuals. His expertise is matched by his ability to communicate in depth knowledge and concepts in a way that is easily understood and is presented in an engaging and dynamic environment.

Working within the print and digital publishing world, Jonathan provides template development and creation, training, and consulting services. Integrating real world experience, he has improved the workflow, production, and creative departments for a variety of clients including the top magazines, advertising agencies, newspapers, and in-house creative and marketing departments in the world. Some of Jonathan’s clients include:
Warner Brothers
Direct TV
Mattel, Inc.
L.A. Times
Ogilvy & Mather
Hachette Filipacchi Media
The Las Vegas Sun
The Kern Organization
KB Home
Team One Advertising
University of California
Nationwide Advertising
Sinclair Systems
The Capital Group
Aerospace Corporation
Time Warner
Mitsubishi Digital
Sun America
BMG Music Group
Learning Tree Int.
Price Waterhouse
Dewey Ballantine
Cal State Northridge
The J. Paul Getty Trust & Museum

In addition, Jonathan continues to work in the entertainment industry, in front of and behind the camera. As a television host, he has been seen on networks including the Discovery Channel, Science Channel, VH, and The Biography Channel. As a television producer, he has developed content for the unscripted and scripted genres and is currently a producer and host for the kids series, “Career Day”, teaching kids that “They can be anything.”

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Revizzit Listed In Top 100 Companies in the Digital Content Industry


We are very proud to announce that Revizzit has been included in the EContent Magazine annual review of The Top 100 Companies in the Digital Content Industry for 2014/2015!

Now in its 14th year, the EC100 is selected by a panel of 10 expert judges.

Revizzit was included in the category Distribution & Delivery, which is described as:

The avenues by which content can travel are myriad. Figuring out which roads are right for your content-especially if you’re looking to get paid-can be a journey in itself. Without the help of distribution and delivery networks and tools, many publishers’ jobs would be exponentially harder. Here we honor the companies that create new paths and opportunities for digital content to find its way to our inboxes, web browsers, mobile devices, and even our televisions.

If it’s true that you are judged by the company you keep, we are happy to be judged: Other honorees in the EC100 this year include Facebook, Netflix, Linked In, Automattic (WordPress), Amazon, Apple, Google, Hulu, Snapchat and Twitter.

Our sincere thanks to EContent Magazine, editor Theresa Cramer, and all of the judges involved. We are truly honored!

Revizzit Affiliate Network

How To Pay And Manage Your Revizzit Affiliates


There is an extremely powerful sales tool built-in to the Revizzit platform that many producers are just now discovering. It’s the Revizzit Affiliate Network, and it lets you select products that others can sell for you, and earn a commission (either a set dollar amount, or a percentage of the sale).

You can even create a suite of ready-to-use banner types: Images, video clips, email templates, QR codes and more, all automatically encoded with the affiliate’s trackable link.

For those of you who have already gotten started, it may be time for you to make those first affiliate payments! I have been paying my affiliates for almost two years, and have developed a nice system that I wanted to share with you to make it easy and quick.

For this system, you’ll need to have a Google Drive account (which you probably already have, even if you aren’t using it yet!).

So there you go!

If you are interested in becoming a Revizzit affiliate and earning money by promoting products, just click here to sign up!

And if you are new to Revizzit and want to learn more, check out this page!

To your success,

Nick Night


7 Very Important Questions Before You Self-Publish Anything

This is a curated post - read the original article here

We live in an amazing age. It’s the Information Age, version 2.0 – where anyone and everyone has unprecedented access to worldwide knowledge and the ability to contribute to that knowledge-base by creating their own media products.

How easy is it to self-publish your ideas?

Notwithstanding any monetization goals, it’s as easy as making a video with your phone and uploading it to YouTube, or saving any document as a PDF and posting it online. Either way, about three minutes work.

As important as that contribution to our collective knowledge may be, most people consider the act of “self-publishing” to be a commercial endeavor. Making your wisdom, know-how or expertise available to others – for payment.

Self publishing can take the form of physical goods, such as books, DVDs, CDs, etc., or it can be a digital experience, with ebooks, audio files, streaming videos, software, apps, and premium websites.

Regardless of its form, in order for your entrepreneurial venture to have real success and longevity in the marketplace, there are some very important questions you need to ask before you take the plunge.

Here are my seven imperative questions to ask yourself – or your publisher of choice – before you release your knowledge to the masses:

1. Will I get my customer’s contact info?

2. What will my revenue share and fees be for this SPECIFIC product?

3. When will I get paid and how often?

4. What are the content restrictions, if any?

5. How can I update my product if needed?

6. Can I include alternate forms of media?

7. Is there an easy way to gift my product to friends, reviewers, etc.?

To get my thoughts on each of these questions, visit my original post here, or refer to the chart below (click image to view full size).

Here’s the link in the graphic:

-Nick Night




Infusionsoft Power


Revizzit recently integrated with the world’s most powerful marketing automation service, Infusionsoft, to create an unbeatable, one-two knockout punch!

Revizzit already provided a way to automate your product delivery and content, with capabilities like live-connected updates, dripped content, and customizable modular content.

Now, when customers take actions or purchase products, Infusionsoft can trigger email campaigns, create a tag system to monitor and segment users, and more.

For example, imaging you have created a ten-week course on Revizzit. The customer purchases your product, and is delivered Lesson One. Then, one week later, Lesson Two is automatically added to their product using Revizzit’s drip feature – and so it goes, for ten weeks.

Now with the Infusionsoft integration, your customer can receive an email at time of purchase, encouraging them to get started on Lesson One, available now. Then, a week later, another email arrives that explains the product has automatically been updated and Lesson Two is now available. Everything is completely automated and hands free!

There are plenty more ways to harness the power of these two amazing systems. Get started by watching this tutorial video:


From Retail To Email: Capturing Unknown Customers

How To Get Retail Customers To Give You Their Email Address And Beg For More

One of the great tragedies of selling retail, whether physical or digital products, is the anonymity of the buyer – your customer, and the most likely candidate to buy more products from you in the future.

If only there were a way to reclaim these lost contacts – the shoppers at Walmart, Target, or online marketplaces like Amazon or Apple (both notoriously defiant about providing any identifying information about YOUR customers). Well, we have great news – there IS a way, and it not only puts you in contact with your deserved customers but actually makes them more happy and improves the value of your product!

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s real and happening right this minute, and it may be the most important piece of advice you discover for a long time.

Nick Night is CEO and Co-Founder of Revizzit, and has just put the finishing touches on his new book, SYNCED: A Visionary Approach To Turning Your Products Into Live Broadcasts, Your Customers Into Lifelong Connections, And Your Business Into A Marketing Machine.


In this exclusive, sneak peek inside his book, Nick discusses ways you can connect your products to each other, and create a synergy that leads directly to more sales. He also lets us in on a simple technique to capture those anonymous retail customers and pull them into your funnel with tractor-beam like force.

From Night’s book, SYNCED, chapter 4.1…

There are two ways to live-connect products: digital-to-digital and digital-to-physical. Creating a live-connection between two physical, non-electric products may be somewhat difficult, unless it is two soup cans and a piece of string. So, for the moment, we’ll concern ourselves with connecting two digital products, or a digital and a physical product together.

Digital to digital

Let’s start with our digital products. These can be similar products, such as two ebooks, or it can be dissimilar products, such as an ebook and a video, or a software product and an audio series. Our goal is to connect the products in ways that expose our customers to the rest of our catalog. We’ll dig deeper on this in chapter 4.2.

But having a live connection means you can do more than just advertise the products. The products you connect can become part of the fabric of your product, providing additional value and key benefits. For example:

Content previewing: One of the best ways to bridge your products is to include sample content in each product. Timothy Ferriss has incorporated this quite successfully in his three best-selling titles: The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef. Each of these books contains a bonus section with substantial excerpts from the other two titles. I think I only lasted about two days after purchasing The 4-Hour Workweek before I bought The 4-Hour Body. Great content is hard to resist. (I also lost about 10 pounds and changed my eating lifestyle following the advice in his book – but that’s a story for another day…)

However, the imperative here is that it needs to be high value content; so don’t just give them the first chapter (ala Amazon’s Look Inside feature). Make sure you give them the best content from the other titles, and the sales will follow. This applies to media content as well – include your #1 audio series episode, your best 15 minutes from your video course or a light, but beneficial, version of your software application.

iBook/Kindle to Revizzit: How great would it be to actually know who the customers are that buy your Kindle and iBooks? Unfortunately, both Amazon and Apple consider the purchasers of your book to be their customers, not yours, and do not provide any uniquely identifying customer information to publishers.

However, there is a strategy that not only gains you the customer’s email address for your list building, but also creates the live-connection to accomplish the objectives of this book.

By adding a page at the front of your book with a Revizzit product link that offers your reader a free, enhanced companion version of the book (or even just enhanced bonus materials), you can convert your ebook buyers into synced customers and harness the new marketing strategies discussed herein. Make sure the offer is of highly perceived value to ensure the maximum conversion rate.

I discuss my actual experiment with this in chapter 6.3, about using the Vouchers feature. Spoiler: I had a #1 bestseller in less than 24 hours!

Physical to digital

If your company sells or distributes any kind of physical goods, whether it’s books, sporting equipment, yoga mats or kitchen widgets, this section alone could transform your business overnight.

When you sell a physical product through merchant outlets (as opposed to direct sales), one of the core elements of your business gets lost – the ability to market to your existing customers. In fact, you don’t even know who your customers are!

This is not exclusive to the brick-and-mortar retailers, either. Neither Amazon nor Apple will provide you with any identifying customer information from those that purchase YOUR products!

Physical products sold through retail outlets traditionally result in thousands of “anonymous” customers. By including a built-in digital component, the customers’ information can be captured during redemption, resulting in not only an email lead, but also (if on Revizzit) a live-connected user.

Here are some ways to achieve this transformational objective for your company:

The first step is to create a highly valued, exclusive* companion digital product that complements the physical product. For example, if you were selling yoga mats, you might include a free, one hour yoga essentials video with each purchase. Or if you are selling a juicer, you might produce a dozen quick and easy juice recipes (as an enhanced video book) for a healthier lifestyle.

Another example would be a bonus training manual, showing some additional creative ways to use the physical product, such as “20 more things you can use your yoga mat for everyday”.

Whatever the incentive is, by getting your customers to redeem your free gift, you are accessing the most highly converting, least expensive marketing leads in the world – satisfied customers. And by providing this extra value, you just made them even more satisfied!

*Note: Make sure the gift is only available to buyers of the product. This exclusivity increases the perceived value of the offer, and if delivered on Revizzit, also creates a live-connected product that only customers can access, providing yet another marketing channel for deals and promotions.

There you have it! One simple change you can do right now that will forever change your business – and it can start being effective overnight!

If you’d like to read more of Nick Night’s book, you can purchase the live-connected eBook on his website,

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Digital Product Mastery – LIVE!

Starting Friday the 13th (awesome!) and every Friday thereafter, Revizzit’s CEO and Co-Founder Nick Night will host a live hangout on Google+ to answer your questions and give technical support and demos for anything related to creating, marketing and selling digital products.

Whether you use Revizzit or not, you are welcome to join the conversation and benefit from the tips, techniques and insights given.


Who knew that piracy could lead to something good?

Several people have recently asked me why I started Revizzit.  Here is my story.

I had dabbled in Internet Marketing back in ’05, and always thought I’d do it right one day. But it wasn’t until I had become a new dad that I decided to start my own online business.  I boned up on the latest online marketing techniques, started a blog and social media presence – and away I went.

I thought that because of my background in creating all kinds of content; games, animation, writing and illustrating, I could make some pretty compelling products. Because I’m an aspiring ukulele player and avid ukulele music fan, I decided to create a ukulele course, and developed an interactive software program called BeatNik’s Speak Ukulele.  I built the program, developed my launch, grew my list – and soon was born!


It was so exciting seeing my fledgling business start to grow.

My favorite thing was: Every morning, right out of bed, I would check and see how much money I had made while I was asleep!

That’s the beauty of selling online – the whole world is your customer.   As the sales grew, I cautiously grew my advertising expenditures – and my little home-based business was taking off.

Then came that awful day.   The awful day when I noticed that something didn’t seem right. I was getting more and more traffic to my blog, and I had a healthy CTR on my advertising.  People were still seeking my products, but for some reason, my sales were going down.   I started researching.

I decided to check my SERPs (search engine result placements).  I “googled” my product – and almost fell off of my chair!  My lonely little result was surrounded by links to my product for free on file-sharing sites.  It was easier to find the pirated versions than my own sales page link.

And then came the biggest shocker.   Right there on You Tube: ‘Get BeatNik’s Speak Ukulele Free’.  The piracy was so rampant, and so brazen, that pirates openly made videos to “help” others find stolen products.

I figure so far that YouTube video has cost me more than $10,000.

I knew at this rate, I’d be out of business soon.  I even talked to some seasoned internet marketers about the problem and the advice I got was, “Time to make a new product. It’s a numbers game.”  I didn’t agree.  I didn’t want to watch my products die off every few months. So, I decided to do something about it.

I wanted to make the internet a better and safer place to do business.  I knew the secret was to help product creators and at the same time, make their customers happier.  So I gathered some brilliant colleagues of mine, and we all put our heads together – and Revizzit was born.   As it turned out, in addition to addressing the piracy problem, we’ve uncovered all sorts of brand new ways to provide better, innovative products that actually strengthen your relationships with your customers – all leading to more sales and bigger profits.

Who knew that online piracy could actually lead to something so good?

-Nick Night

All roads lead to piracy

Digital Piracy Defense

There are a lot of folks in our digital goods industry that mistakenly think that internet piracy is not really a problem they should be concerned with.

You might be shocked to find out that file-sharing technology is actually responsible for more global internet traffic than YouTube, iTunes and Facebook, COMBINED!

Additionally, the practice of “hotlinking products” (a system of sharing files by actually linking to the paying customer’s download link) is gaining popularity amongst file sharers and goes unchecked by content creators due to its difficulty in detecting. Digital products are stolen right off the shelves, passwords to premium content are shared online, and search techniques easily expose the download areas for purchased products.

All roads lead to piracy


The question is: Would you even know if your products were being pirated?

How can you find out? What if your business improved 20-50% just because people couldn’t get your products for free? Would that be worth knowing, especially if someone would teach you the skills needed for free?

Well, that’s exactly what Nick Night has done on his excellent webinar, Digital Piracy Defense, brought to you by Revizzit. In this one-hour webinar, he shows you the search engine SECRETS that internet pirates don’t want you to know. You will be able to find your products on file-sharing sites, even if they are “in code” – and then exactly what you need to do about it.

Nick also teaches you the solution to prevent piracy in the future by not giving customers the opportunity to download in the first place (spoiler: it’s Revizzit!)

In addition to the webinar class, there is also a free piracy defense guide available after the webinar that recaps all the important lessons, provides templates of Cease and Desist Orders and DMCA violation notices, and more. And if you help spread the word about this webinar, you can also get a TOP SECRET, 200 page search bible exposing the techniques used by pirates to hack websites.

The webinar is available once or twice a week, so sign up quickly to get a seat on the next event.