Ain’t No Such Thing As “Secure Downloads”!

I was just perusing some competitors websites to see what they have to say for themselves…

I use the term “competitor” loosely, because there really isn’t anyone else out there who seems to understand the core problem in the digital goods landscape, let alone try to solve it.

For example, check out this blurb from a leading digital delivery service, who will remain nameless so as not to publicly embarrass them or single them out – just about every content delivery system makes a similar claim:

When you are in the business of selling digital products, securing downloads and protecting downloads is a main concern.  It is essential that all files be protected and secure.  With the [edit] platform, there is nothing to worry about.  Our system focuses on securing download files for both our members and their customers.  As a [edit] member you can store your downloadable products in our protected system.  What this means is that your files can only be accessed through special links either by you or your confirmed customers.  Customers receive links once payment is received, so there is no risk of delivering downloads to the wrong recipient.

Sounds pretty good, right?

But here’s the kink in the armor, the soft underbelly, the weak link…

There is no such thing as a secure download!

The problem lies in the word DOWNLOAD. It doesn’t matter how the customer got the download, once they’ve downloaded the file it is UNSECURE. And gone, forever. They can now easily do with it as they please, such as sharing it freely, reselling it or uploading it to a file-sharing site!

It’s the world we live in – everything is social, bloggable, uploadable. Digital products make this easy – one click and it’s been duplicated and distributed to all takers. Physical products never really had to worry about this.

It’s not as easy to give your friends copies of your couch.

So how does one distribute digital products securely, if downloads are off the table?

We believe the answer to this problem is streaming access. Of course, the word “access” has almost as many holes in it as “download” does. Access can easily be shared, if preventative measures aren’t in place (“Hey Joe, what’s your password to the membership site again?”)

The solution is streaming access to authenticated devices. Think of it as cable broadcasting, from the television studio to the consumer’s (authenticated) cable decoder. It’s not easy to watch the latest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm if you don’t pay HBO.

Creating a broadcast type system that can deliver any kind of digital product, even entire websites, wasn’t easy. There were many things to be considered, many “backdoors” that needed to be closed. But that’s exactly what we did at Revizzit – and now you can be the “studio exec” in charge of all your digital products!

To find out more about Revizzit’s revolutionary system, check out this video.

But, if nothing else, don’t be fooled by the secure download claim again!


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