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Revizzit Affiliate Network

How To Pay And Manage Your Revizzit Affiliates


There is an extremely powerful sales tool built-in to the Revizzit platform that many producers are just now discovering. It’s the Revizzit Affiliate Network, and it lets you select products that others can sell for you, and earn a commission (either a set dollar amount, or a percentage of the sale).

You can even create a suite of ready-to-use banner types: Images, video clips, email templates, QR codes and more, all automatically encoded with the affiliate’s trackable link.

For those of you who have already gotten started, it may be time for you to make those first affiliate payments! I have been paying my affiliates for almost two years, and have developed a nice system that I wanted to share with you to make it easy and quick.

For this system, you’ll need to have a Google Drive account (which you probably already have, even if you aren’t using it yet!).

So there you go!

If you are interested in becomingĀ a Revizzit affiliate and earning money by promoting products, just click here to sign up!

And if you are new to Revizzit and want to learn more, check out this page!

To your success,

Nick Night