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Revizzit Affiliate Network

How To Pay And Manage Your Revizzit Affiliates


There is an extremely powerful sales tool built-in to the Revizzit platform that many producers are just now discovering. It’s the Revizzit Affiliate Network, and it lets you select products that others can sell for you, and earn a commission (either a set dollar amount, or a percentage of the sale).

You can even create a suite of ready-to-use banner types: Images, video clips, email templates, QR codes and more, all automatically encoded with the affiliate’s trackable link.

For those of you who have already gotten started, it may be time for you to make those first affiliate payments! I have been paying my affiliates for almost two years, and have developed a nice system that I wanted to share with you to make it easy and quick.

For this system, you’ll need to have a Google Drive account (which you probably already have, even if you aren’t using it yet!).

So there you go!

If you are interested in becomingĀ a Revizzit affiliate and earning money by promoting products, just click here to sign up!

And if you are new to Revizzit and want to learn more, check out this page!

To your success,

Nick Night


Infusionsoft Power


Revizzit recently integrated with the world’s most powerful marketing automation service, Infusionsoft, to create an unbeatable, one-two knockout punch!

Revizzit already provided a way to automate your product delivery and content, with capabilities like live-connected updates, dripped content, and customizable modular content.

Now, when customers take actions or purchase products, Infusionsoft can trigger email campaigns, create a tag system to monitor and segment users, and more.

For example, imaging you have created a ten-week course on Revizzit. The customer purchases your product, and is delivered Lesson One. Then, one week later, Lesson Two is automatically added to their product using Revizzit’s drip feature – and so it goes, for ten weeks.

Now with the Infusionsoft integration, your customer can receive an email at time of purchase, encouraging them to get started on Lesson One, available now. Then, a week later, another email arrives that explains the product has automatically been updated and Lesson Two is now available. Everything is completely automated and hands free!

There are plenty more ways to harness the power of these two amazing systems. Get started by watching this tutorial video:

All roads lead to piracy

Digital Piracy Defense

There are a lot of folks in our digital goods industry that mistakenly think that internet piracy is not really a problem they should be concerned with.

You might be shocked to find out that file-sharing technology is actually responsible for more global internet traffic than YouTube, iTunes and Facebook, COMBINED!

Additionally, the practice of “hotlinking products” (a system of sharing files by actually linking to the paying customer’s download link) is gaining popularity amongst file sharers and goes unchecked by content creators due to its difficulty in detecting. Digital products are stolen right off the shelves, passwords to premium content are shared online, and search techniques easily expose the download areas for purchased products.

All roads lead to piracy


The question is: Would you even know if your products were being pirated?

How can you find out? What if your business improved 20-50% just because people couldn’t get your products for free? Would that be worth knowing, especially if someone would teach you the skills needed for free?

Well, that’s exactly what Nick Night has done on his excellent webinar, Digital Piracy Defense, brought to you by Revizzit. In this one-hour webinar, he shows you the search engine SECRETS that internet pirates don’t want you to know. You will be able to find your products on file-sharing sites, even if they are “in code” – and then exactly what you need to do about it.

Nick also teaches you the solution to prevent piracy in the future by not giving customers the opportunity to download in the first place (spoiler: it’s Revizzit!)

In addition to the webinar class, there is also a free piracy defense guide available after the webinar that recaps all the important lessons, provides templates of Cease and Desist Orders and DMCA violation notices, and more. And if you help spread the word about this webinar, you can also get a TOP SECRET, 200 page search bible exposing the techniques used by pirates to hack websites.

The webinar is available once or twice a week, so sign up quickly to get a seat on the next event.


Revizzit: The Big Picture [video]

When you have something that is so revolutionary, and does so many amazing things, it can be difficult to share the big idea in easy to comprehend terms.

Here are two BIG PICTURE videos that describe the core features and basic functionality of Revizzit, the platform for exclusive digital content. Keep in mind that most of these concepts can be adapted to benefit nearly every industry, not just eCommerce products!