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Infusionsoft Power


Revizzit recently integrated with the world’s most powerful marketing automation service, Infusionsoft, to create an unbeatable, one-two knockout punch!

Revizzit already provided a way to automate your product delivery and content, with capabilities like live-connected updates, dripped content, and customizable modular content.

Now, when customers take actions or purchase products, Infusionsoft can trigger email campaigns, create a tag system to monitor and segment users, and more.

For example, imaging you have created a ten-week course on Revizzit. The customer purchases your product, and is delivered Lesson One. Then, one week later, Lesson Two is automatically added to their product using Revizzit’s drip feature – and so it goes, for ten weeks.

Now with the Infusionsoft integration, your customer can receive an email at time of purchase, encouraging them to get started on Lesson One, available now. Then, a week later, another email arrives that explains the product has automatically been updated and Lesson Two is now available. Everything is completely automated and hands free!

There are plenty more ways to harness the power of these two amazing systems. Get started by watching this tutorial video: