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7 Very Important Questions Before You Self-Publish Anything

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We live in an amazing age. It’s the Information Age, version 2.0 – where anyone and everyone has unprecedented access to worldwide knowledge and the ability to contribute to that knowledge-base by creating their own media products.

How easy is it to self-publish your ideas?

Notwithstanding any monetization goals, it’s as easy as making a video with your phone and uploading it to YouTube, or saving any document as a PDF and posting it online. Either way, about three minutes work.

As important as that contribution to our collective knowledge may be, most people consider the act of “self-publishing” to be a commercial endeavor. Making your wisdom, know-how or expertise available to others – for payment.

Self publishing can take the form of physical goods, such as books, DVDs, CDs, etc., or it can be a digital experience, with ebooks, audio files, streaming videos, software, apps, and premium websites.

Regardless of its form, in order for your entrepreneurial venture to have real success and longevity in the marketplace, there are some very important questions you need to ask before you take the plunge.

Here are my seven imperative questions to ask yourself – or your publisher of choice – before you release your knowledge to the masses:

1. Will I get my customer’s contact info?

2. What will my revenue share and fees be for this SPECIFIC product?

3. When will I get paid and how often?

4. What are the content restrictions, if any?

5. How can I update my product if needed?

6. Can I include alternate forms of media?

7. Is there an easy way to gift my product to friends, reviewers, etc.?

To get my thoughts on each of these questions, visit my original post here, or refer to the chart below (click image to view full size).

Here’s the link in the graphic: http://get.revizzit.com/self-publish

-Nick Night