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Revizzit: The Big Picture [video]

When you have something that is so revolutionary, and does so many amazing things, it can be difficult to share the big idea in easy to comprehend terms.

Here are two BIG PICTURE videos that describe the core features and basic functionality of Revizzit, the platform for exclusive digital content. Keep in mind that most of these concepts can be adapted to benefit nearly every industry, not just eCommerce products!



Superpowers, Available Now!

The Revizzionaries have landed on planet Earth.

Armed with amazing abilities and powers far beyond those of ordinary online entrepreneurs, these superbeings formed an advanced system of creating and delivering digital content online and dubbed it “Revizzit” – ensuring they could be prosperous in this new world while enjoying the freedom that comes with having an online business.

The Revizzionaries made it their mission to share their superpowers with all content creators. Lucky for us, no spider bites or freak radioactive disasters are necessary…

So, what are these superpowers, you may ask?

Their powers are far and wide reaching, and some have yet to even be discovered! But for now, we shall try to list (in no particular order) as many as we can using our ordinary human senses… This list may not be complete, but it’s a good start:

  •  Create Any Kind of Product – Unlike mere mortals, Revizzionaries do not need to differentiate between eBook, eCourse, Video, Online Game, Website, Membership site or eZine. All are possible – AND INTERCHANGEABLE – inside Revizzit. Add videos to your eBook. Charge admission to your website. Turn your online game into a subscription model, add a player’s guide and a chat room! No boundaries… now that’s super!
  • Anti-Piracy FingerprintingIf there’s one thing superheroes hate, it’s criminals. And criminals hate getting caught. With Revizzit, your entire product (not just the videos) are protected by an invisible overlay that identifies the user in the case of screen-capture recordings or image grabs.
  • Dynamic Updating – To the common Earthling, many of our powers appear to be MAGIC. This power is one of those… Imagine changing a line of text, an image, a link, or even an entire page or chapter in your publication and having it change EVERY COPY IN EXISTENCE! That’s how we roll. Magic? You betcha!
  • In-Product Upsells and Customization – Add a “magic sales page” that allows your customer to purchase additional content, such as bonus chapters or videos. After the transaction is complete, the sales page DISAPPEARS and is REPLACED by the new content – right inside the product! After all, once they’ve bought it, they really don’t need to see the ad anymore… right?
  • Dripped Content – Create a product that rolls out over time – no worries, Revizzit will “drip” the pages or chapters based on the schedule that you set, and it will modify the product without any effort from your customers. Plus, each customer is on their own, individual roll-out plan. Superpowers on Autopilot… It just happens!
  • Unlockable Content – How super is this? You have a bonus chapter from an affiliate offer that gets unlocked when the customer enters a secret code! Or maybe you want to have the customer pass a test before they can move on to the next level? It’s all automatic when you become a Revizzionary!
  • Launch Date In/Out Settings – Your time-sensitive offer is managed by simply setting availability times/dates. The “buy now” button is only active when you say so – no need to scramble to your FTP panel to add or remove HTML code.
  • Content Security – When you visit the Smithsonian, they generally frown on people taking pictures off the wall or walking out the door with their books. Why should your valuable content be any different? Revizzit products (including websites) have no copy/paste, no right-click menu, and no URL exposure. Your customers will leave the content right where they found it – inside your EXCLUSIVE product!
  • Source Code Security – And while we’re on the subject… We decided to close another huge backdoor to your valuable content: Your source code. In Revizzit, there is no access to your HTML code, your CSS code or your discreet video and software links.
  • Interactive Table of Contents – Each Revizzit product comes with a custom, interactive table of contents. List every page, or just the chapter headings – and add tags to help define the listing. Then, with one click, they jump straight to the meat and potatoes.
  • Multiple Product View Modes – Your customers aren’t drones. They are each unique individuals – that’s why Revizzit gives them multiple ways to navigate their products and content: List mode, Page mode, Book mode, and Thumbnail mode.
  • Product Whitelisting – Certain products aren’t meant for everyone. Groups, organizations, and even inter-office communications need to restrict access to ONLY the members, without worrying about the link to the product going “rogue”. With Revizzit’s whitelist feature enabled, only accounts registered with specific emails can be authorized to view the product. Revizzit gives you the power to be all “hoity-toity”.
  • Verified Customer Distribution – Every Revizzit product is live-streamed to your customers. Every few minutes, our servers re-authorize the player to see what’s allowed to be seen – and what’s not. When a new purchase is detected, it streams in, but if a refund was detected… (see next superpower)
  • Deactivate Products – Possibly the “super-est” power… When a customer asks for a refund or ends their subscription to your product, you have the amazing ability to TURN THE PRODUCT OFF. Use this power wisely.
  • Easy Monetization and Integration – Revizzit supplies everything you need to start making money from your products – Paypal integration, shopping cart, online catalog, and pre-configured Buy Button code. Just paste the code on your sales page and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Choose Your Path – Unlike those other Earthling platforms that take 30% or more of your gross sales, Revizzit offers two ways to play: Our Basic plan fee is a scant 10% of NET sales – yep, we wait 30 days until your returns are processed before billing – and our Plus plan has NO commissions, you’ll only pay $497/mo no matter how much you sell!
  • Product Bundling – Got a whole mess o’ products? Like to mix them together for special deals and what not? We got a button for that. Bundle your Revizzit products any way you like, set the bundle price, done. Works even with recurring priced products!
  • No Approval Process – Earthlings love to tell you how to run your business, especially what you’re allowed to sell. Not us. As long as it’s completely legal, we don’t give a scratch. Do your own thang.
  • Traffic and Sales Generation – You can get started selling without even having a website. Say what??? Yep. Revizzit gives you the option of listing your product in our (free) Global Catalog. Just list it, and start telling the world about it. Got a website? Our Global Catalog can also drive traffic directly to your sales page, where you can close the deal YOUR way. We’ll even send them to your Thank You page afterwards for those awkward upsells… Now that’s POWER!
  • Customer Relationship Management – What’s your best lead? A customer who has previously purchased from you. What’s the worst thing you can do? Lose them by sending too many emails. Use your dynamic Revizzit product to open a direct line of communication right inside the product they bought, by simply adding a “Latest News” page and update it often.
  • In-Product Community Building – Okay, you have, like, 500 customers. Maybe more. And what do they ALL have in common? YOUR PRODUCT! So why not let them network, and spend everyday telling each other how awesome you are? Just add a Networking Portal to your product, such as a private forum or chat room, and let them hangout. Your product is now on it’s way to becoming a brand.
  • Social Pages – Despite all of the Fort Knox-like security Revizzit provides, we know that some things need to be shared freely. That’s why you always have a choice which product pages can be downloaded and printed, shared, etc., and which ones are off-limits. We’re not completely anti-social, you know!

For those of you that would appreciate these awesome, blistering, Zeus-like powers – they can be yours by simply becoming a Revizzionary, like us.

Go to http://get.revizzit.com to power up now!