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Products We Love: Unbounce

Even though we have a technology team at our beck and call, we don’t like to pester them with our micro-split-testing adjustments every other day. They have enough to do, and frankly, their time (expensive as it is) is far better served doing something mind-boggling in Matrix-land, working to make Revizzit even better than it is.

So, when we discovered Unbounce, there was a collective “Schwinnnng!” that could be heard all the way to Wayne’s World.

Unbounce provides marketers with an easy to use, WYSIWYG editor that allows for creation, tracking and A/B split-testing of landing pages. They make it easy to integrate your CMS lead generators, Google Analytics and even Javascript. Plus, they have a host of great looking templates to get you up and running fast.

We immediately set out creating our landing and sales pages, set up some variants to split test, then in a few days we went back and looked at the results. We never had to rely on HTML coding or, more importantly, our technology team.

Okay, I admit it. I’m having fun using Unbounce to make our pages. I enjoy making small changes and then looking at the data, awarding a champion page – and then tweaking that one some more. When was the last time you could say it’s fun doing your job? Unless, of course, you are also using Revizzit :-)

Finally, we wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t mention the other thing Unbounce does really well. That would be blogging. The Unbounce blog is inspiring, informational and enjoyable to read. We can only hope to match them in the blogosphere… Check out their blog at http://unbounce.com/blog/

HOT TIP: Opt-in here for a sweet discount and awesome guide: http://try.unbounce.com/noob-guide-pdf/

Rock on, Unbounce!