Who knew that piracy could lead to something good?

Several people have recently asked me why I started Revizzit.  Here is my story.

I had dabbled in Internet Marketing back in ’05, and always thought I’d do it right one day. But it wasn’t until I had become a new dad that I decided to start my own online business.  I boned up on the latest online marketing techniques, started a blog and social media presence – and away I went.

I thought that because of my background in creating all kinds of content; games, animation, writing and illustrating, I could make some pretty compelling products. Because I’m an aspiring ukulele player and avid ukulele music fan, I decided to create a ukulele course, and developed an interactive software program called BeatNik’s Speak Ukulele.  I built the program, developed my launch, grew my list – and soon was born!


It was so exciting seeing my fledgling business start to grow.

My favorite thing was: Every morning, right out of bed, I would check and see how much money I had made while I was asleep!

That’s the beauty of selling online – the whole world is your customer.   As the sales grew, I cautiously grew my advertising expenditures – and my little home-based business was taking off.

Then came that awful day.   The awful day when I noticed that something didn’t seem right. I was getting more and more traffic to my blog, and I had a healthy CTR on my advertising.  People were still seeking my products, but for some reason, my sales were going down.   I started researching.

I decided to check my SERPs (search engine result placements).  I “googled” my product – and almost fell off of my chair!  My lonely little result was surrounded by links to my product for free on file-sharing sites.  It was easier to find the pirated versions than my own sales page link.

And then came the biggest shocker.   Right there on You Tube: ‘Get BeatNik’s Speak Ukulele Free’.  The piracy was so rampant, and so brazen, that pirates openly made videos to “help” others find stolen products.

I figure so far that YouTube video has cost me more than $10,000.

I knew at this rate, I’d be out of business soon.  I even talked to some seasoned internet marketers about the problem and the advice I got was, “Time to make a new product. It’s a numbers game.”  I didn’t agree.  I didn’t want to watch my products die off every few months. So, I decided to do something about it.

I wanted to make the internet a better and safer place to do business.  I knew the secret was to help product creators and at the same time, make their customers happier.  So I gathered some brilliant colleagues of mine, and we all put our heads together – and Revizzit was born.   As it turned out, in addition to addressing the piracy problem, we’ve uncovered all sorts of brand new ways to provide better, innovative products that actually strengthen your relationships with your customers – all leading to more sales and bigger profits.

Who knew that online piracy could actually lead to something so good?

-Nick Night

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